The Service-Based Operations (SBO) Licence allows an operator to provide services-based telecommunications services in Singapore.

Who is this for?

Operators who intend to:

  1. Lease telecommunication network elements (such as transmission capacity and switching services) from any IMDA-licensed Facilities-Based Operator (FBO) to provide their own telecommunication services;
  2. Resell telecommunication services of FBOs to third parties; or
  3. Deploy telecommunication network, systems and facilities within their own property boundaries, but wish to offer telecommunication services to third parties residing within their property boundaries. 

Depending on the scope of the operation and nature of the service, a telecommunication service-based operator can be licensed under one of two categories:

SBO (Individual) Licence 

  • In general, operators who lease international transmission capacity to provide their services would be licensed individually.  
  • These would be companies incorporated or foreign companies registered under the Singapore Companies Act, Cap. 50.

SBO (Class) Licence 

  • A range of telecommunication service-based operations and services fall under this category.  
  • These may be companies incorporated or foreign companies registered under the Singapore Companies Act, Cap. 50. including Limited Liability Partnerships or Limited Partnerships.

For more information about the two categories of SBO Licences, please refer to the SBO Guidelines below.


SBO(Individual) Licence Licence FeesLicence Fees
First S$50 million in AGTOS$4,000 annually
Next S$50 – S$100 million in AGTO0.5% AGTO annually
Above S$100 million in AGTO0.8% AGTO annually
Live Audiotex services onlyS$200 every five-yearly

 SBO (Class) Licence) Registration Fees
Audiotex$200 (one-time payment)
Call-back and call-origination services
Internet-based voice and data services
International calling card services
Store-and-forward value-added network services
Store-and-retrieve value-added network services (where leased circuits are used)
Store-and-retrieve value-added network services (where no leased circuits are used)No fee payable
Resale of public switched telecommunication services
Public Chain Payphone Service

For details, please refer to the SBO Guidelines below.

How to apply?

Click here to apply online via LicenceOne.

Please take note of guidelines and requirements:

  1. Please refer to:

a. SBO Guidelines (410.26KB) – for more information about:

  • the regulatory framework for the two categories of SBO licences 
  • application procedures
  • licence fees
  • provision and update of information
  • instructions and requirements for the submission of Annual Gross Turnover (“AGTO”) reports

b. SBO (Individual) Licence Template (613.75KB) and Telecommunications (Class Licences) Regulations

c. IP Telephony Framework – for applicants intending to offer IP Telephony services. 

d. eKYC Implementation Guide (408.54KB) and Annex A of eKYC Implementation Guide (298.04KB) – for the implementation of electronic Know-Your-Customer (“eKYC”) solutions.

  1. Please provide all required and relevant supporting documents for your online application, including:

a. ACRA Bizfile Report

b. Service descriptions and network diagrams of the intended services to be offered

c. 3-year projected CAPEX

d. For Prepaid Services: 3-year projected cash flow statement and source of funding.

Note: For prepaid services, the applicant company must have at least $100,000 in paid-up capital.


Please contact the SBO licensing team here.

Last updated on: 24 Jul 2019