NetLink Trust, the Next Gen NBN Network Company (NetCo), is deploying fibre to all homes in Singapore. The deployment is carried out in two stages: Building Reach and Home Reach.


Stage 1: Building Reach

Residential apartments and buildings are considered "building reached" when the fibre is deployed to fibre distribution points (FDPs)* on every floor of the building. For landed properties, the fibre will be deployed to the FDP within the manhole nearest to the premise.

Stage 2: Home Reach

When the fibre is deployed up to the first termination point within the home, the residential premise is considered "home reached."

Charges for fibre installation (via surface trunking or existing conduits) to the first termination point are waived for the initial 15 metres of the fibre run, measured from the point where the fibre enters the home for multi-storey residential premises. For landed properties, the fibre run is measured from the gatepost. Home owners are required to pay for additional length of fibre beyond 15 metres. For more information on the costs, please visit

*Fibre Distribution Point (FDP) refers to the intermediate network point (outside an end-user's premise) located just before the first termination point.

Last updated on: 27 May 2019