Next Gen NBN

Towards an Infocomm-Enabled Future with Next Gen NBN

The Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) is the wired network of the Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure. It will provide ultra-high speed broadband access of 1Gbps and more, delivering a slew of next generation services at all physical addresses including homes, schools, government buildings, businesses and hospitals.

A pervasive and ultra-high speed broadband network will position Singapore for an infocomm-enabled future. This infrastructure will be a critical national enabler to spur the development of new knowledge-based sectors, such as research and development, interactive digital media and creative industries. It will catalyse development and deployment of innovative interactive digital services to homes, schools and businesses.

The Next Gen NBN will reinforce the status of Singapore as an infocomm hub and open new doors to economic opportunities, business growth and social vibrancy. It is envisioned that this will eventually provide a nationwide ultra-high speed broadband access of 1Gbps and more, to all physical addresses including homes, schools, government buildings, businesses, hospitals and NBAPs (Non Building Access Points).

What is Next Gen NBN

The Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) is the wired network of the Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure (Next Gen NII), which seeks to transform Singapore into an intelligent nation and a global city, powered by infocomm.

Besides enabling Singapore to exploit new economic opportunities and enhancing the vibrancy of the infocomm sector, the network will also offer effective open access to retail service providers to bring about a more competitive broadband market. This is expected to spark off the creation of a wider range of next generation services for end-users. A competitive and globally recognised infrastructure, coupled with a high level of adoption by the nation, will result in greater productivity gains and enable new possibilities to transform the way we live, learn, work and interact.

About Industry Structure

About Deployment

Next Gen NBN for Consumers

From interactive IPTV to high-speed gaming and telehealth, the Next Gen NBN opens up a whole new world of exciting next-generation services for consumers. It will transform the way we go about our daily lives by enabling rich media delivery, seamless communications and networked equipment and appliances.

Fibre Connection to Homes

New homes built in accordance with the Code of Practice for Infocomm Facilities (COPIF) 2013, building developers are required to pre-install the fibre termination points in homes during construction.

How do consumers sign up for installation?

Installation of the Next Gen NBN was an OPT-IN process during the initial roll-out of the fibre network. For homes that may have opted-out for the initial installation of the Next Gen NBN, home owners can still approach Retail Service Providers for fibre broadband services to install the Next Gen NBN. For more details, visit

Next Gen NBN Video

With a pervasive next generation broadband network, consumers can look forward to exciting new possibilities with next-generation services such as interactive IPTV, video-conferencing and telehealth. Watch this video to find out more.


Home Networking Guide

Next Gen NBN for Enterprises

Singapore's Next Gen NBN is a strategic enabler that will transform our economy and society. Businesses can exploit the reach and richness enabled by Next Gen NBN to enhance their services to customers and create new market opportunities.

Beyond faster download and upload speeds, the availability of pervasive, cost-effective and ultra-high speed broadband will pave the way for new services that will help increase their operational efficiency, such as Software-as-a-Service and other cloud services, bandwidth-intensive remote back-up and online collaboration. For example, companies will be able to leverage applications such as high-definition video conferencing and real-time collaboration platforms to interact with employees at home or at remote sites, and with partners and potential customers from around the world.

For Retail Service Providers

Retail Service Providers (RSPs) offer services over the Next Gen NBN to businesses and consumers. The effective open access industry structure which IDA has implemented for the Next Gen NBN allows RSPs to purchase bandwidth connectivity at non-discriminatory and non-exclusive prices, and compete on a level playing field to provide competitive and innovative services to end-users.

Examples of consumer services that have been deployed by RSPs over the Next Gen NBN include Interactive Internet Protocol TV, High-Speed Online Gaming, Online Education and Home-Based Work.

For businesses, some Next Gen services that have been rolled out include Cloud Computing, High-Quality Video Conferencing, Digital Signages, Multimedia Kiosks and Remote Offices.

Business Development Opportunities

The development of a strong community of RSPs is vital to the Next Gen NBN ecosystem and will help pave the way for the creation and proliferation of innovative Next Gen services to consumers and businesses. IMDA supports RSPs in their business development efforts in the following ways:

  • Experience and RSP Corner

RSPs can exhibit their Next Gen services or related products at the Infocomm Experience Centre (iExperience) at Esplanade Xchange, and/or to lease kiosks at the Retail Service Provider (RSP) Corner located just outside iExperience to market and promote their products and services.

  • Next Gen NBN-enabled logo

RSPs offering services and products that leverage the ultra-high speeds of the Next Gen NBN can adopt the Next Gen NBN-enabled logo to differentiate these services from those being offered over existing networks.

  • RSP Exchange

RSPs can apply for a listing under the RSP Exchange, which provides businesses and consumers with a one-stop source of information on service providers offering Next Gen NBN-enabled services.

NBN Enabled Services

With the rollout of the Next Gen NBN island-wide, consumers can now enjoy a myriad of services that will help transform the way they live, learn, work and interact.


Faster Uploads/Downloads

With Next GenNBN delivering speeds of up to 1Gbps and beyond, downloading and uploading of huge media files can be completed within minutes. It will also be a breeze to run high-bandwidth applications such as high-quality video streaming, interactive online gaming and multimedia online education.


Interactive Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)

The Next Gen NBN enables the delivery of high-quality, interactive Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) which allows users to access highly-interactive applications over their TV. This will allow them to keep abreast with the latest news and information, catch up on the latest drama serials, or learn a new hobby from online classes.


High-Speed Online Gaming

Whether engaging in fast cars racing or multi-party gun battles, Next Gen NBN elevates high-speed online gaming to a new level by allowing rich media display with minimal lag. With the ultra-fast speed, gamers will have an edge over competitors in real-time online games.


Online Education

Enabled by the Next Gen NBN, online learning of languages and various skills can be enriched through videos, multimedia presentations and interactive features such as web collaboration, online drawing tools and instant messaging.


Home-Based Work

Users can take advantage of the ultra-high speed connectivity provided by the Next Gen NBN to access office resources seamlessly from their home. This opens up new opportunities for those who wish to work from home or to improve their work-life balance.


High-Quality Video Conferencing

Staying in touch with families and friends has never been easier. High-quality video conferencing enabled by the Next Gen NBN allows users to say "Hi" to loved ones far and near through vivid, high-quality video-conferencing.



The Next Gen NBN can enable the seamless and secured exchange of information among hospitals, clinics and patients at home. Healthcare providers can offer online medical consultation, thus reducing the need for patients to travel physically to the medical providers.


List of Service Providers

With the rollout of the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN), service providers are offering services and products that can leverage the ultra high speeds delivered over the network. Several of these providers have adopted the Next Gen NBN enabled logo to help consumers differentiate services offered over existing networks and the Next Gen NBN.

To find out if the service you are interested in is Next Gen NBN enabled, look out for the logo ngnbnlogo

Alternatively, consumers can also refer to the list below for service providers who have adopted the Next Gen NBN enabled logo and are providing residential services:

Retail Service Providers (RSPs) - For Consumers

Company Name:M1 Net Ltd

Name of Service:

M1 High Speed Fibre Broadband

Service Description:

M1 High Speed Fibre Broadband package offers the widest range of speed plans that provide maximum bandwidth on both local and international sites without any speed cap.

Company Name:StarHub

Name of Service:


Service Description:

MaxInfinity, high speed fibre broadband, caters to bandwidth intensive home owners who want high upload speeds to enjoy fast uploading of multimedia files and high video streaming quality for HD home surveillance and video conferencing.

Company Name:MyRepublic

Name of Service:

MyRepublic Ultra-High speed fibre broadband

Service Description:

MyRepublic creates great value packages tailored to customers' needs, offering a customer-centric Internet experience without throttling, slowing down or capping traffic.

Company Name:SingTel

Name of Service:


Company Name:ViewQwest

Name of Service:


Service Description:

ViewQwest is a Facilities Based Operator (FBO) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Singapore who owns the cable systems between Singapore and Malaysia as well as the undersea cable between Singapore and Indonesia. In addition, they introduced services such as Freedom VPN to allow users to unblock popular streaming websites in select regions, established Points-of-Presence (PoP) in New York and Los Angeles for better connectivity to USA, and was the first ISP in Singapore to employ Latency Based Routing technology.

Other Providers

Company Name:SecureAge Technology

Name of Service:

LockCube Secure Cloud Storage

Service Description:

LockCube is a secure online storage solution that gives enterprises a fast, smart and secure way to backup, restore and access their data anytime and anywhere, by using any devices. All data are fully protected with end-to-end encryption, and only the user can transparently decrypt and access the data.

For service providers who would like to adopt the logo, please send an email to

Last updated on: 26 May 2019