Established by IMDA and operated by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME), the SME Digital Tech Hub is a dedicated hub that provides specialist digital technology advisory to SMEs with more advanced digital needs, such as data analytics and cybersecurity.

Providing SMEs with Specialist Digital Technology Advisory and Consultancy

The Principal Consultants at the SME Digital Tech Hub will go beyond providing basic advice on proven digital solutions that are pre-approved for funding support. They will complement the business advisors in SME Centres by providing digital technology advice to SMEs on areas including, but not limited to data analytics and cybersecurity. 

Besides providing digital consultancy, the SME Digital Tech Hub will also work with SME Centres and Trade Association & Chambers (TACs) to help connect SMEs to ICT vendors and consultants, as well as conduct workshops and seminars to help SMEs to build their digital capabilities. 


The SME Digital Tech Hub is located at APEX@Henderson. 

For more information, visit www.digitaltechhub.sg

Last updated on: 31 May 2019