Public Service Broadcast


Singapore’s PSB content aims to celebrate our shared identity, diverse culture and foster a cohesive, connected society. IMDA supports the production of a range of locally-produced PSB programmes to cater to the public’s diverse viewing interests. 

Produced in the four national languages, across various platforms, the genres supported by IMDA include News & Current Affairs, Documentary, Info-Education, Drama, Arts & Culture and Children’s.

The vision of PSB is to foster a connected society through quality, engaging and informative public service content with reach and impact. PSB programmes serve the following national and social interest objectives:

  1. Promote positive social values important to Singapore and Singaporeans
  2. Celebrate our culture and heritage and/or promote cross-cultural awareness
  3. Promote racial and religious harmony
  4. Promote the Singapore identity
  5. Stimulate knowledge and learning, including factual and educational programmes targeting children, youth and the general population;
  6. Foster an informed society via news, information and analysis of current affairs that increase understanding of the world. 

Beyond Free-To-Air

As viewers move to consume content digitally, IMDA has been working closely with Mediacorp to extend its PSB reach through on-demand viewing and production of original online content via Mediacorp’s over-the-top (OTT) service, Toggle. 

At the same time, IMDA has embarked on new partnerships to encourage the growth of PSB content on a variety of new media platforms. Recent partners to the expanding PSB landscape include SPH, Starhub and Viddsee. 

PSB Funds and Schemes

Programmes / Initiatives

PSB Contestable Funds Scheme

The PSB Contestable Funds Scheme (PCFS) has been promoting innovation and creativity in PSB programmes. Through the scheme, innovative formats and fresh subject matter have been introduced.

Programmes / Initiatives

PSM Digital Partnership Fund

IMDA’s Public Service Media (PSM) Digital Partnership Fund aims to support co-productions or partnerships between local media companies and international counterparts to produce compelling and innovative PSB content for Singaporeans and audiences beyond.

PSB Performance: Measurement and Feedback

Last updated on: 13 Jun 2019