PIXEL is a 25,000 sqf innovation space at One-North that provides the Infocomm and Media (ICM) industry with facilities, expertise and programmes to ideate, experiment and build customer-centric digital experiences for the future.

PIXEL brings together diverse and unique community at the intersection of tech, media and design: content creators, tech innovators, immersive media companies, and games. PIXEL offers four key capabilities that support the development of customer-centric digital experiences - Design Thinking, User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX), Immersive Experiences and Digital Storytelling. We host regular thematic mixers, workshops and masterclasses in these four areas, where our community learn, network and get inspired by each other. Innovators can also tap on mentors and experts for advice in developing their digital solutions.

ICM companies can apply to PIXEL for incubation or co-working space or use of its facilities. These include a prototyping lab, content production facilities, an Immersive Experiences Lab, and a Usability Testing Lab.

Who can apply?

  • Events and Workshops
    Open to all ICM companies, practitioners and freelancers.
  • Incubation and Hotdesking
    Singapore-owned ICM companies and game developers with innovative digital products and solutions at the nexus of technology, media and content.


  • Be connected to PIXEL's vibrant community at the intersection of tech, media and design and join in thematic mixers, masterclasses and workshops
  • Access to facilities and resources at PIXEL such as Production Studio, Prototyping Lab, Immersive Experiences and User Testing Labs, as well as co-working and meeting spaces at PIXEL
  • Get coached by experts and mentors to build customer-centric digital products and experiences

How to apply?

  • Events & Workshops
    Register via PIXEL’s website to attend workshops, masterclasses and sharing sessions that are organised on a regular basis.
  • Incubation & Hotdesking
    Companies that are working on innovation projects that are related to tech, media or games can apply for incubation or co-working space (hotdesking), or to use PIXEL’s facilities. The application form can be found on PIXEL’s website.

Application requirements or Support Details

Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.


If you have enquiries, contact us at enquiry@impixel.sg.

Last updated on: 03 Jun 2019