Nationwide E-Invoicing Framework


IMDA has implemented the nationwide E-Invoicing framework with the industry. The e-invoicing network is live from 9 January 2019 with certified Access Point providers offering services to help businesses improve efficiency, reduce cost, enjoy faster payment cycles, access to new financing options and build a strong foundation for digitalisation.

Electronic invoicing or E-invoicing is the automated creation, exchange and processing of request for payments between suppliers and buyers using a structured digital format.

Benefits of E-Invoicing

How to participate in the PEPPOL Network?

Businesses can get connected to the Network through certified Access Point providers or PEPPOL Ready Service Providers (such as ERP or Accounting solutions on the cloud) with solutions already connected to the network.


Lightweight Systems are low cost (under $50/mth for minimum 200 e-invoices) web-based facility for users to create, send and receive e-invoices.

Businesses will likely connect to the network in one of the three common scenarios above. 

Current Providers

 Access Point ProvidersPEPPOL ConnectivityPEPPOL Ready Solution 
 Basware Corporation Y
 Complete EBusiness Solutions Pte Ltd  Y 
 DataPost Pte Ltd  Y Pte Ltd Y Y
 Esker Document Automation Asia Pte Ltd Y 
 IBM Singapore Pte Ltd Y 
 Invictus Group Y 
 Pagero AB Y 
 PracBiz Pte Ltd Y Y
 EzyProcure Y Y
 Sesami (Singapore) Pte Ltd Y 
 StarHub Ltd Y 
 Tradeshift ApS Y 

As of 1 April 2019

PEPPOL Connectivity refers to a service to help business solutions connect to the PEPPOL network. 

PEPPOL Ready Solutions are solutions such as (for example) Accounting (AR and/or AP), ERP and SCM which are connected to the PEPPOL network where business users can initiate an e-invoice using PEPPOL E-Delivery.

More PEPPOL Ready Service Providers will be listed soon.

Becoming an Access Point (AP) Provider

Interested parties who wish to provide Access Point services may refer to the attached Singapore AP Guide (977.54KB) and follow the instructions inside and Transport Infrastructure Agreement.


Please download the E-Invoicing FAQ here (963.45KB)

For more information and clarification, please email

Last updated on: 29 May 2019