Data Centre Park

Singapore seeks to strengthen its position as an economic hub with the development of a Data Centre Park which will attract MNCs and enterprises to set up their headquarters and premium data centre operations here. It will also help to entrench Singapore as an infocomm and media hub by attracting world-class Internet and media companies to host their content and services here.


Programmes / Initiatives

Green ICT

Being more energy efficiency and cutting operating costs means data centres here can be more competitive. Here, we seek to establish Singapore-specific standards, metrics and best practices for data centre energy efficiency, among other industry-changing objectives.

Programmes / Initiatives

BCA-IMDA Green Mark for Data Centres Scheme

To provide recognition to data centre operators that have successfully deployed Green Data Centre best practices and demonstrated superior energy and environmental performance, BCA and IMDA have developed the Green Mark scheme for Data Centres. The scheme comprises of a rating system which enables DCs to benchmark their degree of greenness with respect to their peers.

Last updated on: 29 May 2019