Cloud Computing

Cloud is the next important paradigm in computing that will present many new opportunities for the infocomm industry and other businesses in Singapore.

IMDA’s cloud vision is to sharpen the overall economic competiveness of Singapore through catalysing demand and adoption in key industry verticals, as well as driving the creation of new products to address business needs, and developing manpower capabilities.

A key focus is developing capabilities in local Software-as-a-Service companies, to enhance their market competitiveness and consumer focus. The latest 2016 edition of the Cloud Computing in Singapore booklet provides an overview of Singapore’s cloud computing ecosystem and consists of variety of cloud adoption case studies; featuring Cloud Service Providers’ journey  achieving Multi-Tier Cloud Security certification. The booklet also contains directory listings of IaaS/PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Technology Companies, Cloud Training Providers and MTCS Certification Bodies.

The new Cloud Adoption Starter kit handbook aims to provide layman understanding in adopting cloud computing solutions so as to assist potential adopters to move to cloud.

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Standards & Guidelines

Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) Certification Scheme

The MTCS Singapore standard is developed under the ITSC for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in Singapore. CSPs can participate through the certification scheme provided.

Standards & Guidelines

Cloud Outage Incident Response Guidelines

The Cloud Outage Incident Response (COIR) Guidelines continues Singapore’s strong commitment to Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery (DR) Plans by bringing clarity on how to respond to outages in the cloud.

Standards & Guidelines

MTCS Certified Cloud Services

MTCS are adopted by many Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to meet different cloud user needs for data sensitivity and business criticality. Lists of the certified CSPs and their services are provided.

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Last updated on: 30 May 2019