A sector that is undergoing massive change, retail brings opportunities and challenges. Our goal is to enable retailers to expand their customer base and grow globally. The answer lies in using ICM to better understand customers.

To cater to a digitally savvy consumers, our efforts enable companies to improve eCommerce Fulfilment and gain eCommerce Consumer Insights. They will need to reduce complexity while using eCommerce and Fulfilment Service Hub Platforms to reach international consumers and manage inventory, goods distribution and logistics services.

Retailers that succeed will need data analytics to derive consumer insights along with in-store innovation. They will understand customers preferences at a deeper, personal level and engage them through targeted marketing and loyalty programmes. They will be able to connect with these consumers intimately and, effectively and in real time.

The following are the key areas and initiatives for Retail sector:

  • Kampong Glam Launches 5 New Digital Initiatives with 150 Merchants On Board
    The neighbourhood transformation project is led by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore, One Kampong Gelam (OKG) association and the Singapore Malay Chambers of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI).
Programmes / Initiatives

Retail Industry Digital Plan

The Retail Industry Digital Plan (IDP) works as a guide for local SMEs in the Retail industry to digitalise your businesses, plug skills gaps and participate in industry pilot projects.

Programmes / Initiatives

Urban Logistics

Urban Logistics keeps a city going by ensuring the efficient delivery of goods to people and business.

Last updated on: 04 Jun 2019