Over the years, Singapore’s multicultural and breath-taking landscape has been showcased to the world through titles like the futuristic Equals and Hollywood blockbuster Hitman: Agent 47. Most recently in 2018, Crazy Rich Asians landed Singapore in the international limelight where it broke box office records worldwide.

With a unique blend of Asian and Western cultural influences, support from a world-class technical infrastructure, secure IP system and multilingual talent pool, Singapore is fully capable of supporting local and international filmmakers in their craft.

Preview iconic locations from Singapore’s beautiful landscape in our Locations Brochure below.

A permit is not required for filming on general streets and walkways, provided vehicular or pedestrian traffic are unobstructed. All approvals are subject to the property/location owner.

Foreign cast and crew filming in Singapore do not require work permits if they are here for under 60 days. Upon arrival, please click here to submit an e-notification.

For further enquiries, please see our Guide to Filming (1.31MB), or write to SFC@imda.gov.sg.

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Last updated on: 12 Jun 2019