Digital Skills for Adults, Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Learning how to use technology with confidence

As you connect with technology, you will also open the door to many possibilities that enhance your everyday life. Learn how to use technology with confidence. The following initiatives can help you learn how to use technology meaningfully, securely and with confidence:

Programmes / Initiatives

Basic Digital Skills

Citizens can learn Basic Digital Skills at the one-day Basic Digital Skills course

Programmes / Initiatives

Digital Clinics

Digital Clinics allow participants especially seniors to receive one-on-one assistance from volunteers with their smartphones.

Programmes / Initiatives

Enable IT Programme

The Enable IT Programme aims to build an inclusive society and enable Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) through adoption of Infocomm and Assistive Technologies (IT/AT) to enhance their abilities and skillsets required for independent living.

Programmes / Initiatives

IM Silver

A list of simple tools and resources for anyone interested to pick up new digital skills, explore technology interests and stay connected in a Smart Nation.

Programmes / Initiatives

Intergen IT Bootcamp

Seniors have a chance to go back to school and interact with their grandchildren or students from the neighbouring schools to learn basic infocomm skills.

Programmes / Initiatives

Silver Digital Creators (SDC)

Silver Digital Creators (SDC) is a suite of courses for seniors who have some basic digital knowledge and are keen to take their digital creative skills to the next level.

Programmes / Initiatives

Silver Infocomm Junctions

The Silver Infocomm Junctions are senior-friendly infocomm learning hubs that offer affordable infocomm training and customised curriculum to citizens including seniors.

Programmes / Initiatives

Tech Connect

Tech Connect is an initiative by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and People’s Association (PA) to help seniors be Smart Nation ready.

Last updated on: 31 May 2019